10 Ways To Wind Down and Destress

Life is busy. Take time for yourself.

You deserve it.Here are 10 ways to relax at home in under 5 minutes

Light a candle

Dim your lights, grab your favourite candle from Happy Scent Co Rouge London, light, sit back and relax. The delicate scent from the candle can help to have a powerful and positive effect on the mind. 



Find a quiet space in the house, put some headphones on, and listen to 5 minute meditation.


Hopefully you are already breathing, but try this easy breathing exercise to centre yourself.


Fill the bath, lock the door and soak in a bath full of bubbles. This will lower your blood pressure.  Treat yourself to a candle for balance.


You don’t have to lay on a sun bed by a pool. Sometimes, just 5 minutes with your face in the sunlight through a window will do the trick.

Put your feet up

Lay on the sofa and elevate your legs on some cushions or lay on the floor and prop your legs up against the wall. Either way, this will rejuvenate tired legs and feet.

Cuddle a furry friend

Hang out and hug your four-legged friend. Pets can help boost self esteem and make us feel loved.

Talk to a friend

Friends are great for emotional support. If you are pressed for time, send them a text.


Nothing feeds the soul more than laughter. Watch your favourite comedy sketch on YouTube or watch one of these funny compilcations.


Listen to music. If you have a Spotify account, make a playlist of songs that ignite special memories. Music can have relaxation benefits.

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