Our mission is to create & sell beautiful gifts that make people smile and be happy, and leave as small a footprint on the planet as possible.

With global warming, deforestation, and the sheer scale of plastic pollution, now more than ever, we all need to work together to protect our beautiful planet.  

Our wax is made from Italian olives and does not contain any genetically modified ingredients, palm, or paraffin products. It is bio-degradable and vegan friendly.

Our box is made from FSC® certified boxboard made from FSC® certified paper, and is fully recyclable after use.

All our wicks are made from 100% cotton

All our products are manufactured in the UK, using local staff to fill and pack our products.

At Happy Scent Co, we know we aren’t perfect, we know it’s a journey, but we can assure you we are committed to choosing the most sustainable option wherever we can.  We are striving to improve even further, and we'll update all our lovely customers on any improvements we make in the future.