Who We Are

The Happy Scent Co have been carefully blending and creating candles and reed diffusers for many years, they really are our passion! We pride ourselves on years of expert craftsmanship and care, to create some of the best scented products you will ever experience. Our candles and reed diffusers are hand poured with love, and sealed with a kiss.

This is the first launch of what we plan will be a number of exciting brands with beautiful scents over the next few years.  Everyone has a favourite scent and style, and we hope we can cater for every need and desire.

For our candles, we use a special blend of plant waxes, all from European crop which is sustainably farmed, allowing 50 hours of clean burning.  The fragrances we use are perfume grade and contain essential oils, giving a beautiful burn and exquisite scent throw.

For our reed diffusers, we design them to maximise the scent throw throughout the life of the product.  We use a mixture of organic grain alcohol, soy based oils, and perfume grade fragrance that contain essential oils, giving a more consistent diffuser throw.

We hope you will enjoy are gifts to you!